Getting You Connected!

When you work with me, you will be working with a skilled electrical designer/installer who has been licensed by the State of California since 1985 and working with electricity since my childhood where I had lots of fun figuring out electric trains, then to wiring cars, boats and planes for power and sound.

I worked for a few years in the electronic industry as a tech and engineer for a couple of major corporations. That was fun only not as rewarding as helping people to have the electric systens in their homes work safely and effeciently. This is my love, residential construction, "turning you on and lighting you up".

The electrical codes (NEC) are a minimum requirement for electrical systems. The code only specify one light switch per room no matter how many different ways there are to enter and leave the room. Example, it is no fun to have to go to the front door to turn off the living room lights when going to bed, then have to walk back through the darkened room. I believe in what I call flow through lighting. The only place the code calls for multiple lighting control points is on stairs between floors.

In California we now have "Title 24 section 6" that defines lighting useage in and outside homes. Kitchens, bathrooms laundries and garages require fluorescent lighting and/or motion sensor switches to control the lighting. Goal being energy effeciency electrically.

This is a sampling of some of the solutions that you can enjoy as a result of working with me and Electric Services. Check the linked pages and then contact me at:


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