Getting You Connected!

I live in western Sonoma County in the Forest. We loose power from falling tree branchs and trees fairly often and especially in winter. This also occures in more urban areas though that is usually someone running into a power pole. Oops.

One winter long ago I was ready for the floods and power outages that I knew were coming. We were stocked up on food, firewood for heat and cooking if necessary, full tank of propane for water heat and cooking, batteries for radios and flashlights candles and kerosene for lamps and light.

The rains came flooding us onto our hill, the power went away and everything was good until the second day when I realized that I had not provided for food refrigeration. Big mistake, we ate well for a time preparing all of the parishable food. Currently I have three different generators that I can use to power my whole house.

Today, so that this will not happen to you, I provide and install Generac Power Systems generator systems ranging in size from 7KW to 150KW. These systems are fully automatic, when the control panel senses the utility power going down, the generator is started and stabalized and the house is transferred over to back-up power in less than 50 seconds. When the utility power comes back on line, then the controller automatically switches the house back to utility and shuts down the generator.

The controller is also programmed to once a week start the generator and put it through a system check for approximately five minutes then shuts back down. These are very nice systems and are reasonably priced.

This is a sampling of some of the solutions that you can enjoy as a result of working with me and Electric Services. Check the linked pages and then contact me at:


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